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Holy Dulcimer Sticks..batman

Wow! How can three years go by without an entry. WHAT have we been doing that we were too busy to write? Well, let me first say that, in 2012, we thought our website was headed for the circular file, down the tubes, off the air,etc.  We lost our designer, and the domain fees were questionable for something not too many were visiting.  So, honestly, we didn’t know the page was still here. Well, Tanya didn’t, and she is the administrator and band leader, so its all her fault.  Lol

Any way, we had a great year doing some different things this year. Sherry was out of the picture, off traveling, doing retiree type stuff, and conducting musicals, so Tanya had to come up with options that worked out very nicely, and she found out that some of her students are truly awesome players and could carry the ball any day of the week.  ASC did several  gigs with students this year, two weddings, which Tanya paid them for, and a smattering of other things. She is so proud of the proficiency, and it was a great opportunity for young men to play with seasoned professional.
Tanya also hired Foster, a guitar player, concertina player for a couple of gigs, and he was amazing. So, ASC, was All Sizes Considered this year.  We finally got the original trio back together this December in time for Christmas gigs, although, all three of us dabble regularly in other venues. Tanya played in a string quartet for a soiree, Connie is teaching a childrens’s choir, and Sherry has been playing the recorder.

We are available for weddings, funerals, memorials, cocktail parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc

For those of you that follow us on facebook, we thank you for always supporting us, and coming up to chat at our performances. We love your likes and we like you too!

Oh by the way…Tanya has two grandchildren now. She is loving that!  She also started a new art company called  ”Owllelujah Originals”. You can find her work at the Owllelujah Originals facebook page.

If you haven’t hear our sound, check out http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/allstringsconsidered