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11 Responses

  1. Julia (Sage) Barcott Says:

    Such talented women. Can’t wait to hear you!! Wish I lived in Wenatchee so that I could attend all your events.

  2. Kay Anderson Says:

    Hi, Tanya….Wow! So much talent. You sure were a great inspiration to my nephew, Zane. He is now living in Bellevue, and when he comes over to visit, he is always in the middle of creating a new song or sound. Thanks to you, he truly is soaring with his creative expression through music. I have not yet been able to make one of your concerts, but this is a new year and I look forward to not only hearing you soon but meeting the other 2/3rd’s of the group! Catch you on FaceBook!! Hugs to all!!….Kay

  3. Blyth A Mitchell Says:

    HiTania. As promised, I checked out your website before you even left Ireland. We in Cumnock(Scotland) were blessed by the visit of the Continentals and by the joy of their music. I trust you found our Church a place of friendship and joy in each other through the Lord. Kepp in touch.

  4. Pamela Benton Says:

    I have yet to hear your music…but I am sure it will be…gregarious! Looking forward t it! From a fellow musician…www.pamelabenton.net Thank you!

  5. galen guthrie Says:

    i’m really looking forward to hearing you play nov. 8 at cafe mela, and purchasing your cd for my long brewster-leavenworth drives.
    hopeful for november, cheers to women, music and a chance at peace
    formerly of wenatchee, canada, africa and now…Brewster!!

  6. Tina Brown Says:

    I love this CD! I purchased a copy for my in-laws. They drove to Wenatchee after flying into Portland and said it was the best music to listen to while driving through the mountains. My husband and I agree after driving to Whidbey Island listening to the CD ourselves. Congrats on making great music!

  7. Devan Says:

    Hello to my favorite teacher and my favorite teacher’s friends!!! Listening to samples of your music right now and everyone loves it (especially Place in the Heart :P) It sounds beautiful and congrats!!!

  8. Peg Ronhovde Says:

    Hi Sherry. I was wondering if you are available to play a wedding at Saint Laurant on July 26th at 7pm? Thanks

  9. Scott Bolander Says:

    Dear Connie, Tanya and Sherry - Congratulations on the new album. I hope I can get to the concert this week at Caffe Mela and hear you first hand. You seem to be an intriguing group of instruments and people. I look forward to purchasing your album. Blessings on your musical venture!

  10. Sherry Krebs Says:

    Hi Angela,
    Thanks for being the mental giant you are to know how to do this and to fix things etc. It was great fun jamming with you at the Blue Grass Festival. All the best with your new business!

  11. Angela Says:

    Hello! I get to be the first to comment… Again! Your guestbook should be functioning properly now. Hopefully I have solved the spam problem. Thank you again for allowing me to design your site. I do hope it will serve you well!

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